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A dream in two dimensions

Jennifer Lewis Takahashi is a visual artist living in Portland, Oregon. For many years, she has been painting still life scenes in a process and outcome that is very much like the intuitive assemblages created through Sand Play. On her website, Takahashi describes her work in the following artist statement:

"My paintings use a realistic approach, along with strong color and lighting , to remind the viewer of the magic of simple everyday objects.

Each composition is planned to tell an intimate story. Although I have an intention as to what that story is, the viewer finds their own tale.

I enjoy working in both oil and watercolor- each have their own personality that I try to match to the image that is being created. When it is appropriate, I create visual alterations to the realism that draw the viewer into the sensation being presented. In this way these paintings of objects become intimate portraits of our most basic nature, a familiar reminder that, in the middle of universal chaos, lies the stillness and beauty of our interior worlds."

To read more about Jennifer and her art, click here.

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